My name is Kaly Hoemkhuntod. I am a passionate graphic designer and aspiring filmmaker/actress based in OKC.
I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2023 with a BFA in Visual Communication and a minor in Creative Media Production.
About me.   

I have lived all over the world (Thailand, Virginia, Florida, and
Singapore) and have traveled to many places. These experiences
I acquired inspired a lot of my design work. I do a lot of different
design work and like to learn new skills to be very well-rounded in
the things I love doing. I also love making videos and learning
more about the production of films, both behind the scenes and
in front of the camera. Some people that have met me in a
short amount of time would describe me as charismatic and
quiet. Others who have known me longer would describe
me as a passionately driven, hardworking, dedicated, and goal 
focused person.

I am very experienced in a lot of different projects and can take
on a lot of different design challenges. However, there are some 
projects I do enjoy more than others. I really enjoy UI/UX projects 
focusing on the visual touch points that the user gets to interact 
with and have a full experience from the first contact to the last.
I also enjoy rebranding or branding projects, either building up
new company or redesigning an old one for a more effective 
experience. I also really enjoy editorial and typography work.
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